VMP 1.9L TVS Upgrade Kit For 05-10 Roush Stage 3 & 427R With M90 Supercharger +100HP


VMP 1.9L TVS Upgrade Kit For 05-10 Roush Stage 3 & 427R With M90 Supercharger +100HP


Part Number: VMP-19TVS

It's the VMP TVS that Roush Stage 3 and 427R owners have been waiting for! As they say, "Dynamite comes in small packages". M90 supercharger owners know that there was only so much they could get out of that blower. So, VMP and the engineering team set out to create a package that was a direct, bolt on replacement for the M90, knowing that the key to greater output was greater input. That's why so much attention was paid to the porting of the massive inlet area. This baby can breathe! Couple it with a VMP Port Matched high flow elbow and you're ready to rock. We have elbows that accept both stock GT throttle bodies as well as GT500 bolt pattern throttle bodies. Pulleys range from 69mm to 85mm for up to 15psi of boost. Smaller sizes available in 8-rib, an OD balancer can be used for even more boost. Up to 250 rwhp gains are possible depending on modifications and boost levels. Whether you have a factory Roush car or a Mustang GT with the Roush blower added, you will now be able to take advantage of the latest TVS supercharging technology. The VMP 1.9L TVS uses the latest in Q-port inlet design for maximum flow. The higher-efficiency TVS rotorpack is less prone to heat soak than the older generation roots blowers. To take full advantage of the higher-flow of the TVS supercharger the kit will utilize a driver side inlet and come with all necessary parts.

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Package includes:

  • 1.9L TVS head unit

  • VMP High-Flow inlet elbow with proper vacuum line and PCV line fittings

  • 05-09 will receive an open element CAI with 113mm maf and zip tube*

  • 2010 already have a drivers side inlet and will re-use the airbox*

  • All necessary mounting hardware, vacuum lines, and instructions.