This is mikes 1989 Silver foxbody coupe

This car started life as a 1988 4 cylinder coupe. We built this car to give away at Mustang Week 2016. We raffled the car off for the Make a Wish Foundation. Was a very enjoyable process for the shop and the employees that participated in the build. We started with a pretty solid body and a pretty nice paint job already. We added to this by smoothing the engine bay and painting it as well. This paved the way for a 30,000 mile 03-04 Cobra drivetrain. Complete with a 26 spline T56 Manual Transmission with an RXT Twin Disk clutch. We topped this off with a VMP TVS Blower on 16 lbs of boost. We fed this combination with Seimans Deka 60 lb injectors and a return style system with E85 compatible lines and a Fore billet fuel hat with twin 450 pumps for future growth. Car has 5 lug conversion with rear disk brakes and original Pony R wheels.

The car made 601 RWHP on 93 Octane with conservative timing.