1987-93 Mustang Foxbody GT/Cobra 351 Swapped Turbo System


1987-93 Mustang Foxbody GT/Cobra 351 Swapped Turbo System


We are introducing our new kit for the foxbody cars with 5.8 351 swapped 1986 – 1993 cars.  This system follows our same design as our already popular 5.0 kits with the tweaks needed to make it a bolt on setup for your 351.  One of our first customer with our On 3 Performance 70mm turbo that comes standard in our kit made 680rwhp on a 383ci/351 based motor.  That was only 12psi and completely built for boost but gives you reference of the power capabilities of our system.

The On 3 Performance kit up for auction here includes all the components to get your turbo kit on your car and ready to get it back up and running.  As you will see from our photos, this kit bolts on to your car and was actually designed and tested by us so we know the kit and we know it works

As you can see from our list of parts included in this kit, it is just about all the hard components that you need to install the single turbo kit on your car.  A lot of people email to find out what in addition to the kit they will need to finish off the kit.  We offer an accessory kit listed below and will basically finish off the kit.  Look in the Q / A section for pricing and details.

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Key turbo kit features:


–          3”  304 Stainless Steel Tubing, Intercooler Piping and Downpipe

–          3.5” Downpipe

–         V-band Connections On the Hotside

–         Downpipe o2 Bung Welded for Wideband Use

–         Bar and Plate Intercooler

–         Turbo upgrades to Master Power Turbos Available, Email for Pricing

–         All Hardware For Each Component Supplied In The Kit  –  INCLUDED

–         Neatly Packaged and Labeled Hardware To Make Install As Easy As Possible

–         Complete Instruction Packet w/ Photos  Ask Any Other Seller For that!


We have a good amount of customers that are running throw through carb applications and making killer power.  Some of our fastest fox customers are on carb applications so we can certainly help you.  Most guys first off ask for a discount to leave out the items needed for fuel injection applications.  There is not any discounts available, none of the efi items needed are included standard.  Then the next most asked question is what all is needed?  Well its pretty simple, your going to need your carb and then the bonnet to bolt on top that would take it to a 3″ inlet.  Most people will mock up the tubing and see how far it needs to go to connect to their specific application and just order a silicone coupler to length.  There are a lot of places that offer longer lengths that you can just simply cut to desired measurements and use.  There really isn’t too much to the blow through applications