Aeromotive Ford Cobra Jet Fuel Rails


Aeromotive Ford Cobra Jet Fuel Rails


PART # 14141 

Original equipment for the 2012 Ford Cobra Jet Mustangs. Engineered to fit any Ford 4-valve 5.4L like those in the 2008 Cobra Jet and the Shelby GT500, these fuel rails can drastically increase the flow to your injectors. Support more power with more consistent flow. Its the reason Ford engineers chose Aeromotive to fuel the 2012 Cobra Jet. Now you can turn your SN97 Mustang into a Cobra Jet with the Original Equipment from Aeromotive. Complete CJ Fuel Systems available. (see P/N’s 17156-58)

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  1. Fits 2008 and 2012 Ford Cobra Jet Engines (5.4L 4-vlave)

  2. Black anodized finish

  3. ORB-08 inlet and outlet ports

  4. 5/8″ internal bore