Aeromotive 07 Ford 5.4L GT500 Mustang Fuel Rail Kit


Aeromotive 07 Ford 5.4L GT500 Mustang Fuel Rail Kit


PART # 14145 

Each Fuel Rail System provides a custom engineered installation solution. Featuring CNC-Machined Billet Fuel Rails and custom mounting brackets as well as all the necessary components and accessories required to perform a complete installation, in one box.

Fits 2007-2009 5.4L Ford Mustang GT500 – Returnless System

Each Billet Fuel Rail System is comprised of:

  1. High Flow, CNC-machined, Billet Fuel Rails with custom, steel mounting brackets.

  2. Billet Adjustable Regulator or Fuel Pressure Sensor Adapter.

  3. All necessary ORB-Port fittings with O-rings, and Billet Aluminum, AN-hose ends.

  4. Stainless Steel braided fuel lines.

  5. Custom OEM fuel supply and return line adapter fittings, as required.

    For more information on the fuel rails, see the corresponding fuel rail kit for your applications.

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