JLT Cold Air Intake 2001 Bullitt


JLT Cold Air Intake 2001 Bullitt


JLT Next Generation Cold Air Intake kit for 2001 Bullitt available in black textured plastic, painted body color or HydroCarbon finish. 
This replaced or our original Cold Air Intake kit in January 2012.

Using the original JLT CAI as a guide, we molded, scuplted and perfected everything until we had the best looking, fitting and performing system you can buy. 
The new JLT tube is 4 1/4" ID, roto molded plastic to resist engine heat and keep the intake air charge nice and cool. NO METAL TUBING HERE!!
MAF and filter relocated into fender well for a cooler intake charge and can support 550-600 RWHP
Works with both 80mm and 90mm MAF's, no need to buy more parts when you upgrade to a 90mm MAF

The best part of this new JLT Cold Air is we kicked the cool factor up a notch and molded a 105mm MAF housing right in the tube. Now you have a kit you can grow into and not have to buy a complete new kit when you reach 550-600 RWHP. Putting a Whipple, Kenne Bell or Eaton blower swap on your Bullitt? Simply drill out the pre molded plug on the MAF block located on the bottom of the tube, discreetly out of sight. Install your SCT MAF sensor electronics, add our huge 4.5 X 12” S&B Powerstack filter and you’ve now changed your JLT Cold Air Intake into a JLT High Boost 12” Intake. Molding the MAF into the tube makes for a much smoother air flow with no couplers, reducers or separate MAF housing and can support 800+RWHP for only the cost of a 4.5x12" filter and hardware, $60.00.

14-20 RWHP are typical with this kit.

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