F2i Fuel Pressure Regualtor

fuel pressure regulator.jpg
fuel pressure regulator.jpg

F2i Fuel Pressure Regualtor


Dual Pressure Ports

Ceramic/Stainless valve

FKM/Nomex Composite Diaphragm

Fluoropolymer Coated Spring

Hydrodynamic internal cavity suitable for passthrough regulation

Zero chatter design for maximum life expectancy and maintained accuracy

Fine Pitch adjustment screw for precise setting of fuel pressure

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  • Inlet Ports: two #8 o-ring

  • Return Port: #8 o-ring

  • Auxillary Port: 1/8 NPT (plug included)

  • Boost/Vacuum Reference Port: 1/8 NPT (1/4" barb fitting included)

  • Base Pressure range: 25-70 psi

  • Boost Limit: 250 psi