S197C / S550 Triple Pump Module 11 - 17

fuel pump(3).jpg
fuel pump(3).jpg

S197C / S550 Triple Pump Module 11 - 17


Supports over 2000 rear wheel horsepower on race gas (up to 1600-1700 rwhp on E85)

E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility)

Requires aftermarket feed and return lines, external filtration, fuel pressure regulation, and electrical upgrades

Retains OE level sender and crossover function

O-ring pump seal eliminates in-tank fuel hose to completely eliminate failures in E85 and race gas applications

Hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the possibility of fuel smells and leaks

12 gauge power wires ensure maximum pump performance

Polymer pump support eliminates electrolysis of pump body and dampens pump noise

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  • 2011+ Mustang GT, V6, and variants.

  • 2013-2014 GT500